SHOW NOTES: Season 2

Norman Brown photographed by Kristyna Archer in Los Angeles.

Norman Brown photographed by Kristyna Archer in Los Angeles.

EPISODE 12: Norman Brown

Creative Director

A multi-disciplinary creative director with over ten years experience in advertising. He has worked at shops like Team One, RPA, Omelet, Deutsch, Uber, and currently Mullen Lowe. His work focuses on art direction and digital design solutions for brands worldwide. Constantly fighting for simple and smart creative. Brown is passionate about new trends in technology and industry standards. He strives to produce the best design and turning concepts into comprehensible products.  Check out more of his work,

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Ed Han photographed by Kristyna Archer in NYC

Ed Han photographed by Kristyna Archer in NYC

EPISODE 13: ed han

Director & Brand Consultant

As an agency creative, Ed led accounts like Lexus, Samsung, Whirlpool, KitchenAid and Verizon. But never comfortable with being comfortable, he left a successful, 25 year career to pursue his longtime goal of directing.  He now specializes in visual storytelling focused on people, lifestyle and cars. In addition, he loves world-building and has a particular passion for VFX and animation.  The single most important concept he learned during his agency days that he still uses in his directing is the notion of starting with the audience’s perspective. "All great storytelling incorporates an understanding of the reader or viewer. And it’s that powerful principle that can make for truly relevant brand messaging. Something I try to bring to every project."  When not sharing brand stories, you can find Ed riding his funny folding bike along NYC’s river ways, annoying his teenage daughter with dad humor or attempting to satisfy his voracious appetite for all things pop culture.  To learn more about Ed's pop culture preferences, take his POP QUIZ.

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Jen Pearl & Andrew Schwartz of Team Computr photographed by Kristyna Archer in Los Angeles

Jen Pearl & Andrew Schwartz of Team Computr photographed by Kristyna Archer in Los Angeles

Episode 14: Team computr- Pearly pearl magic & Andrew Schwartz

Creators in Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality Spaces

Team Computr is comprised of the electic thought-provoking brains Jen Pearl (Pearly Pearl Magic) and Andrew Schwartz. They plan primarily in the virtual reality, mixed reality space for a plethora of clients yearning to explore experiential marketing- such as artist Alexa Meade, Linkin Park, Sony. They are paving the way in this industry and also started an event called Girl in VR, disrupting stereotypes of gender and forging ahead in the new space. We talk about space travel, daydreaming, all types of realities, creating and concepting in VR, and much more about surviving as a creative mind in today's digital age.

Pearl's Bio: 

Pearly Pearl Magic- Creative Strategy / Technolartist

I am an entrepreneur and creative strategist and work with entertainment and celebrity brands to design immersive experiences. My passion is telling stories, always tapping into my unique visual aesthetic to engage viewers over a broad range of medias, from social media to print or motion ad campaigns. I infuse much of my work with high-level concepts that give audiences the gift of discovery and continued enjoyment. 

My focus is on  bridging the gap betweens humans and next generation technology. I produce, conceptualize, and execute 2D photo/video projects, 3D photo/video projects, & 360 video content. I love holograms, artificial intelligence, mobile apps that yell at me, and anything with glitter on it.  I have also founded a networking group called "Girl In VR", which pairs content creators with experts in the field of tech.

Andrew's Bio: 

Andrew Schwartz – Head of Mixed Reality

Andrew Schwartz, is a high level technical creative producer on the bleeding edge of reality. This Wizard started his career in television over 20 years ago as a wunderkind visual effects supervisor on projects for NBC, Sony and Jerry Bruckheimer. He quickly transitioned to film and started as a Senior Compositor in 1999, at Rhythm and Hues, on Stuart Little. By 2008, he had comped his way around the world and was now working as a stereoscopic colorist on the 3D feature Journey to The Center of the Earth. Which led him into the Stereo3D world; where he was one of the stereo3D compositor on the blockbusters Avatar, and Alice in Wonderland. Currently, with over 60 credits in film and television, he’s a proven innovator and veteran of the industry. Utilizing his past experiences,  360 and VR came naturally next. Delivering projects from Mini for the New York Times, to working with Lytro on 360 light-fields.
The Schwartz always brings a unique take combining cutting-edge technology with creative decisions. That unique point of view has been invaluable to them as they forge a path into the future.

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Sam Bergen photographed by Kristyna Archer in Los Angeles

Sam Bergen photographed by Kristyna Archer in Los Angeles

Episode 15: Sam bergen

Executive Creative Director, West Coast VICE/Virtue Media

An entrepreneurial creative leader with expertise in Creative and Business Management, Sam is a Digital Native focused on Idea Generation, Content Development, Media Innovation, Digital Strategy, and Product Invention. He has a proven track record of pitching, selling, and producing successful cross-media content and digital platforms. His unique creative vision has led to the creation of multiple industry firsts, and international awards.

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Rachel Hochhauser photographed by Kristyna Archer in Los Angeles

Rachel Hochhauser photographed by Kristyna Archer in Los Angeles


Brand Strategist, Partner at

Rachel Hochhauser is a Writer, Brand Strategist, and co-founder of Major, a boutique agency focused on strategy and design for food and hospitality companies. As a strategist, she has helped develop campaigns and strategies for a wide spectrum of brands and companies, including Procter & Gamble, Lincoln Motors, 20th Century Fox, Kahlúa, Carlson Rezidor, Gap Inc. and more. The recipient of the Pillsbury Foundation Creative Writing Award and an alumna of NYU, Rachel has a Masters in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California, where she taught undergraduate writing and served as Fiction Editor of the Southern California Review. Her fiction and non-fiction work has appeared in the likes of The Texas Review, Daily Beast, Inc. Magazine, and Darling Magazine amongst others. 

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